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Ulaga Madha Pooja Procedures


In the beginning Ulaga Madha Pooja was conducted every year on last Friday of Tamil Vaikasi month. After 1986 the pooja was conducted on the next day of Masi Sivarathiri pooja of Ull street Arulmiga Kamatchi Amman. This too is done in revolving year system. That is, for three consecutive years the Madha pooja is of mild one without any life sacrifice but in the 4th year the pooja will be more vigorous one with immolation and offering of liquor & hard drinks to the deity. And once again for next three consecutive years the pooja will be of mild one and at the fourth year the pooja will be vigorous one.

In the mild manner milk, fruit, flower, pongal are offered to the deities. Country urumi melam is played.

At the 4th year the vigorous pooja involved a complex procedure. the pooja consists of three phases. In the first phase milk, fruit, flower, pongal, chitannar are offered to Kamatchi Amman, Kanapathy & Muguran. During the second phase the above three deities are screened off and a young and seasoned pale redish hen is immolated to Ulaga Madha & Nagamma. At present this hen is located in the market under the sacred clue instruction from the Nagammal Aruladee Thirumathi chitra kala. It is said that clue came to has in her dreams. In the third phase a red goat is immolated and offered to periya Karuppaswamy and sangeelee Karuppaswamy. This red Goat is also located in the market under the clue of Aruladee MPSN Nagendran. During the pooja of immolation he wears a special artistical embroidery dress, leg anklets, rope whip, baton, vetarival in his hands. Country leather musical instruments like Pampai, urumu, Thapatai will be played. It will be a gorgeous seenario to witness. Besides all this hot drinks and liquors will be displayed and offered to Periakaruppa samy & Sangeela Karuppa samy.

Mild prasadam like Ponal, fruit, Chiitranna are shared among all. The sacrified hen is cooked and shared among female devotees. The immolated goat is also cooked and shared among male devotees. Hard drinks & liquor is shared among youth male pangalees.

Besides this every Tuesday & Friday evening the Madha house is cleaned and informal pooja is offered.

Committee executive at present is the sole manager of the financial affairs of Ulaga Madha House. Just a or two month before the function Thalaikattu vari & donations in form of money and material are collected from the pangalees themselves and the remaining amount is kept as reserve for the routine & next year pooja. In 2000 for mild pooja Rs. 101/- was collected and for vigorous pooja Rs.201/- was fixed. At the day of festival after the pooja the income expenditure account is submitted to the present pangalees and got sanctioned. There is no bank operations. In the municipal records it is mentioned as “Megavarnam and Kotchar Vegaiyarukka Rathiyapatta Kamaktchi Olaga Matha Koil”.

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