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It is an effort to remind to those who know this content and it is a duty to reveal to those who do not know this. All the elements in this context are not having solid evidence. Some have conventional & traditional evidence. And some others have mere faith and belief base. So all are explained under respective grounds and with due reservation. In my earlier age I had some doubts about our temple, which I had clarified, with our elders. As a matter of wonder some of our youths, for that matter even some of our elders form out station approached me with very same doubts when I was involved mentally and physically in the temple developmental work. Instead of clarifying it to individually this effort is to reach on and all.

More over our temple general body meeting resolutions like honoring the out-standing students of our families in studies and games are not reached to all . So this attempt is to convey the concern resolution to one and all.

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