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Our Ancestors Mother land

A settled civilization erupted wherever water and food resources were found. Our Indus valley civilization is not an exception to this. A few thousand years before Indus Valley civilization there existed the Dravidian civilization in the south end part of India . The word Dravidam is Tamil oriented word. The people of dravidam are called Dravidians. It has many meanings. The first is, Thiru+Idam means Respected+Land. In another way, Tri+Kadal+Idal means Three+Sea+Land, that is, a land surrounded by sea in three sides and on one side connected to the main land. Which, in turn, means a peninsula.
A few thousand years back the southern part of Indian subcontinent was connected to another continent namely Lemuria continent. This was the original place of Dravidians. A northern part of the said Lmuria continent is connected to the Indian subcontinent and the other three sides were surrounded by sea. Due to natural calamity the Lemuria continent over flooded by Indian Ocean . So most of the people i.e. Dravidians who lived there had been also washed away by sea. Some escaped and swam to the south of Indian subcontinent and began to live with other Dravidians in the subcontinent. So the remaining small northern portion of Lemuria continent and southern part of Indian Subcontinent is now known as Dravidam. Which is constituted with the present states of Tamilnadu Kerala, Karnataka and Andra Pradesh.
The present Dravidam, in true sense, ie. Tamilnadu and other states are fertile and irrigated by perennial and rain fed rivers like Godhavari, Krishna , Cavery, Palaru, Pennai, Vaigai and Thamirabarani. So the Dravidam is having well agricultural resources. Dravidians speak Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Tulu. As per the geographical and environmental background. Among which Tamil language is grammatically and literarily rich and senior most language.
Till 19th century Virudhanagar was a tiny Village. Due to the development of agriculture and business it has developed into a big town. During 1800 AD for the sake of military movement to attack KattaBommu Virudhanagar was enrooted to Kasi-Kanyakumari Highway by British to have a straight route.
The town Virudhanagar is situated in the southern part of Tamilnadu that is approximately 500 KM south of the state capital Chennai. It is in the national High way No 7. It is a railway junction. Before getting the present name Virudhanagar, it was called by many names at many times namely, Virudhapatti, Viruthaketti, Virudhuvetty, Virudhupady, Virudhuvetri. And also it is called as Veiluganthal Pattanam, which means a town protected by the goddess Veilugunthal Amman. Politically it is addressed as Virudhi.
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