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Aim of this Effort


As per Bagawat Geetha knowledge of self is the ultimate aim of mankind. The great thinker Socrates preached his disciples to know themselves. Mundogopa Upanishad the Sage Nachiketha asks God Yama to give the knowledge of self. Irwing Shrodinger, the father of Quantum Wave Mechanics declares that the only one question reminds before the human race unsolved is the knowledge of self. And all other miracles of the world had been discovered or invented already. So the curiosity to know one self reminds with everybody without exception including me. Search of self has two ends. . The first is Physical self and the second is spiritual self. The physical self can be stood by studying our ancestor's pedigree. The physical self has a beginning and an end. It isephemeral. But on the other hand spiritual self has neither a beginning nor an end. It is eternal. It can only be experienced and cannot be explained.

The aim of this effort is to urge the reader to start the search of self both physical and self. In My earlier years I had opportunities to move with people like Natanmai N.K. DoraiSwamyNadar, N.K.D Rajakani Nadar, then trustee of our temple, Gnana Sarguru Chinnamaniammal, V.P, Shanmuga Sundharam Nadar and Brothers and some elder people of our temple. More over I had chances togo through some parent documents and regards of our temple these things make my effort more authentic.

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