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Procedures of Madha Pooja

We use to call it Madha veedu instead of Madha Kovil., By this we can understand that it is More informal, homely and a house related pooja . there would not be comnplicated rites and rituals in Madha pooja. Every year Tamil Vaikasi Month on full moonday evening Madha pooja is conducted. There is no any immolation during the Madha Pooja. Milk, fruit, sweet pongal are offered to the Deivam . our Madha Parameshwari is not having any form ie there is no idol worship. We keep it in formless form. We are having a Madha petty. It is a sacred one. It is made up of palm leave.

Measured 2 x 1 x in size. Inside the box we are having Chithadi, New Saree, Karugamani, Kath Olai, Flower etc., The main pooja is offered only to this box. Jyothi prayer is the main form of prayer, country davil, pambai, urumi are played during the pooja. One of our pangalees will conduct the pooja. At present K.M. Chidambaram Nadar & N. Gandhi Das are conducting the pooja. All are offered the pongal prasadam. For the last 10 years noon lunch & night dinner is provided to the pangalees at the time of pooja. Besides this every Friday Madha Koil is cleaned and kept opened on wkeely prayer. Many local karuppa nadar pangalees give a good turn up on Fridays to Madha Koil. For weekly cleaning and pooja a separate person is appointed on a hire & fire basis.

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