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Pidi Arisi Kalayam

If we consider Mahamai as male oriented system, "Pidi Arisi Kalayam" is a female oriented system. "Pidi Arisi Kalayam" is a Tamil phrase, which means, "fist full of rice to a pot". This "Pidi Arisi Kalayam" is a method of saving in kind by women. Whenever the housewife starts her daily cooking she takes away a fist full of rice from lot allotted for that day and put it in a separate pot. Almost all the Virudhanagar Hindu Nadar ladies will do this .So at the end of a regular period. Say a month a considerable amount of rice will be saved in the pot. That rice will be sold out in the market and thus raised amount will be handed over to the general Mahamai Trust, which we have seen above, and in turn that trust will utilize the amount for their social welfare activities. This "Pidi Arisi Kalayam" fund played a major role in starting primary and secondary schools in Virudhanagar. To reciprocate the feeling of gratitude the Virudhanagar Hindu Nadars schools having a symbol of a "Ladies hand fist pouring rice" in its school emblem.

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