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Municipal Record Statement Of Kovil

Till 1925 in the municipal records it was stated that megavarnam periyta karuppa Nadar vakiyara Shri Kamatchi Amman Kovil. There is no proof for a parent document. After the death of periya karuppa Nadar his son M.P.Sundarapandy Nandar made a vain try to change the record to his personal name. so alerted other pangalees namely Natanmai chocka Nadar, Velrican V.M. Ammaiappa Nadar, Velrican V. Sankara Kumara Nadar, Kallattan K. A. Ponnusamy Nadar, Kutty Vaiyapun Nadar, and chennampatty K.P. Ramaiah Nadar gave a tough objection and saw to that their names were also included in the municipal. Records. We can see copies of communication in the old files about this affaire.we can see many stone inscriptions in the Kovil about the Karuppa Nadar families contribution in the Kovil development. At present it is stated like,"Megavarnam, Kotchar and karuppa Nadar Vakaiyarkalluker Pathiyapatta Ull street Kamatchi Amman Kovil" in the municipal tax receipt, water tax receipt, electric bill etc.

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