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Megavarnam and Kotachar Clans History

Our Meghavarnam and Kootchar family were one of the pioneer settler of Virudhanagar as per their statement their origin of nativity runs as follows. More or less, around the early 18th century Megavarnams parent family migrated from southern part of Tamilnadu and settled at a village named Devathanpatty then in Madurai district for one lively hood.

There too they were unable to meet their both ends. So they once again migrated to the southern side under the sacred voice direction of the mother goddess Kamakshi Amman. The sacred voice also directed them to take sacred Pidiman from the Devathanpatty. Kamakshi temple, which should be tried on the horn of a bull. The voice directed them to settle at a place where that bull sat with that sacred Pidiman. By this they walked for many days and weeks and came to Virudhapatty the bull sat at a place, which is called now as Ull Street . There they established Kamakshi Amman Peedam with the sacred Pidiman and began to worship and led a prosperous life. Meghavarnam and kootchar are the heirs of one family. They established themselves in agriculture and then agro based business. They had an edge over others in financial status. Result of this they gained social prestige, which ultimately led them to the post of Natanmai of the village Virudhupatty. As per the custom of Virudhumpatty Meghavarnam family was nicknamed by that name but exact reason for the same is not known. Meghavarnam may be bisected into two viz. Megha + Varnam means cloud + color. So the name Meghavarnam means colour of cloud. Cloud appears some time in white colour and the raining cloud appearing in black. So the parent of present Meghavarnam family might be in black in skin colour or uniquely might be in white skin colour. But at present many of the Meghavarnam family members are somewhat in fair colour. In exception great statesman K. Kamarajar is a black skinned man that is why the north Indian politicians called him as Kala Gandhi. The exact reason for the name Kootchar is not known. At present, in both Meghavarnam and kootchar clans there are 25 to 30 thalaikattus existing.

Megavarnam and Kotachar Thali kattu
M.Periya Karuppa Nadar
M.P.Sundara Pandya Nadar
M. Patchai Nadar
M.P.Sankaralinga Nadar
M.P.S Lakshmana Nadar
M.P.Shanmuga Nadar
M.Chinna Nadar Ayhaker malai Nadar
M.C.Ponnappa Nadar Vikramangalam
M.Ponaivare Nadar
M.P.Sankaralinga Nadar
M.P.S.Kamatchi Nadar
M.Kumaresamy Nadar
M.K.Kamaraj Nadar
M.P.Ponnappa Nadar
M.P.S.Kumaresamy Nadar
M.P.S.Annamalai Nadar

K.P.Katha Nadar
K.P.K.Chidambare Nadar
K.P.Kantha Nadar
K.P.A.Gurusamy Nadar
K.P.K.Perumal Nadar

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