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We know that the Virudhanagar Hindu Nadars are commercial men who deal on agricultural oriented products. In their business dealings they served and reserved a certain percentage of amount say 1% to 2% on their selling like the one, which we are having as government sales tax. This small percentage amount is called as Mahamai. This small percentage amount thus reserved in each and every business dealings accumulated to a huge amount in the end of financial year. Like this every virudhanagar hindu nadar businessman will have a huge Mahamai amount at his disposal. To manage this amount effectively they formed a Mahamai Trust containing member trustees elected periodically among themselves. The businessman deposited the accumulated amount to the Mahamai Trust. For each and every product they formed separate Mahamai Trust naming by Pancha Kadai Mahamai (Cotton shop trust) Paruthi Kadai Mahamai (Cotton seed shop Trust) Arisi Kadai Mahamai(Rice shop Trust) Palasaraku Kadai Mahamai (Provisional shop trust) Navadhania Kadai Mahamai (Cereals shop Trust) etc.

The elected Trustee members select office bearers like president, secretary, and treasurer among themselves and convene in regular intervals. They formed and framed feasible laws and by laws to regularize and to manage the huge amount deposited to them by the businessmen. Within the framework of their laws they make plans and projects to utilize the amount and amount is utilized in constructing temples, stablishing and managing educational institutions like primary, secondary schools colleges etc. constructing water ponds canalizing rain waters, conducting temple festivals making arrangements for daily and regular poojas and so on. This way of rising fund and utilizing is still followed even today.

The interesting point to wonder is that then Madras presidency chief minister Mr. Raja Gopalachari introduced a new taxing system i.e. sales Tax in the presidency on analyzing the virudhanagar Hindu Nadars Mahamai system. And it was followed by other states also. Now sales tax revenue is the major finance resource for the Modern Government.

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