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Kamakshi amman Kovil Pooja Procedures

In Tamil Nadu Thipongal festival is celebrated as ulavar, that is farmer festival. Since virudhanagar Hindu Nadar are basically Agro based traders. So they dcelebrate Thi Pongal in their Kula Deivam Kovil. According to this custom Thi Pongal festival is conducted in Kamatchi Amman Kovil. Milk, Fruit, Pongal Sugar Cane, Sundal are displayed . If we see the old Kovil records we can find that in 1940, 2 annas were collected from each Thalai Kattu and the pongal function was celebrated in the kovil at an expenditure of Rs.10*1/2 . but in 2002 Rs 120/- was collected for both pongal and Masi Sivarathiri function, Till recently pongal prasadam was distributed in a palm leaf cup, then it was handed over in a cloth product, then with this night holy dinner was provided and now with all this noon holy lunch is also provided during the Thai Pongal function in the Kovil.

Therku Thisaikal


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