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of Karuppa Nadar Parties:-

In 1928 and 1929 some senior members of karuppa Nadar raised general fund among them selves and bought a land of 30`*40` east of the Ull street kamatchi amman Kovil from one ms..thihaikovindam. in that land a portion was constructed as soon with verandha and was installed as Madha Kovil House .in 1935 some more fund was reused by Karuppa Nadars among themselves and the vacant land at the North of Madha kovil House was also bought and adjoined with the prevailing kovil. In 9-6-1930 the first organised Madha pooja was celebrated by printing invitation and all this senior thalaikattus of karuppa Nadar namely N.K.S.KaruppaiahNadar, v.M.Ammaiyappa Nadar, .P.Raghava Nadar, K.V.S.Vaiyapuri Nadar, J.A.Thiruvavalaya Nadar, K.M.A.Eaganbara Nadar, C.K.Mariappa Nadar, T Karmega Nadar, K.A.Ponnusamy Nadar, v.V.Sankara Kumara Nadar, C.M.KolliMalaya Nadar, Virudhanagar S.M. vellaisamy Nadar, Madurai N.C.N.Chidambaran Nadar, Chennampatty , .C.K.Sankaralinga Nadar, Pallapatty M.Vadivel Nadar, .M.Karuppa Nadar were operated as committee members. In 1970 s T.K.Marrimuthu Nadar as executive and K.D.Rajakani Nadar as Trustee Madha Poojas were celebrated. They have collected Rs.6 as Thalaikattu vari .now in 15.5.2000 for Madha Paremeswari Pooja Rs.90/- is collected as Thlaikattu vari.
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